saw blade sharpeningYou'll find that almost any machine shop can touch up a slightly dulled blade. At General Saw, we use state-of-the art equipment that is specifically designed to bring your saw blade back to its accurate specifications. Your carbide tipped saw blades will be precision sharpened with our ultra-fine diamond grinding wheels, achieving the highest surface quality finish available, conforming to an ISO surface grade of N-2. This ultra-fine finish produces an extremely sharp and polished edge that will not only stay sharp longer, allowing for longer production runs, but it will make smoother, and more accurate cuts.

Re-Tip, Re-Tension & Repair

saw blade repairIs your blade damaged, warped, wobbly or missing a tooth or two? General Saw can give it back to you like new ... or better than new. Prior to every repair, we do a thorough inspection of your blade to determine its serviceability. If we feel your blade can't be brought back to life, we'll be honest with you, because your safety is more important than a sale. After service, your blade is re-inspected by hand and checked for finish quality, roundness ( run out ), correct cutting angles, and proper side clearance if a carbide tip repair was done. No one will bring your blades back better than General Saw. We guarantee it.

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