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General Saw is a manufacturer of carbide tipped circular saw blades for cutting plastic, cutting aluminum, cutting melamine, cutting acrylic, and cutting foam board products. General Saw has been manufacturing circular saw blades for cutting plastics for over 68 years. Our circular saw blade experience is unmatched when it comes to cutting acrylic, foam board, plastic extrusions, aluminum and other substrates. Whatever you are cutting, General Saw has the right saw blade custom suited for you. Do you need a saw blade for cutting acrylic? ...A general plastic cutting saw blade? ... Cutting Aluminum Extrusion? ... Or are you cutting foam board? Whatever your needs, we have the know how to help you get more out of your material and your cutting tool. Whether you are looking for a panel saw blade to cut melamine or veneer without chipping... We have it in our line of woodworking saw blades.... A plastic cutting saw blade for cutting acrylic sheet, corian, PVC, polycarbonate, foam board or plastic extrusion?... We have it in our line of plastic saw blades.... Are you cutting Aluminum extrusion, aluminum planks, aluminum rods, aluminum bars or aluminum sheet or other non-ferrous metal?... We have it in our line of non-ferrous saw blades.... And General Saw proudly carries manufacturers endorsements for cutting of Plexiglass®, Plaskolite® acrylic sheet, Acrylite® acrylic sheet, Tru Vue® acrylic sheet, Tuffak® polycarbonate sheet, Foam-Cor® foam board, Dibond® aluminum covered foam, Coroplast® plastic board, Sintra®, and more. Remember, General Saw has the right plastics saw blade for cutting vinyl, acrylic, foam board, cast acrylic, PVC, vinil, polycarbonate and more. We are not a Home Depot, where one size saw blade fits all. Instead, General Saw custom crafts our saw blades to cut some of the most difficult substrates in woodworking, plastics and non-ferrous industry... Our cutting tools are precisely engineered to accomodate most American and European woodworking machinery,such as: Hendrick, Altendorf, SCM, SCMI, Gabbiani, Schelling, Pistorius, Holzma, Holz-Her, Gibben, Safety Speed Cut, Striebig, DeWalt, Jet, Delta and more. It doesn't matter if you are using a panel saw, miter saw, table saw, radial arm saw, rip saw, cut off saw, circular saw, or truss saw... General Saw has a saw blade for your machine needs.