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General Saw - Wood Catalog
(PDF - last updated 8/05)
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    Whether you are you a weekend woodworker looking for a quality blade for your Delta table saw, a high yield furniture house in need of a set of Mereen-Johnson blades, or truss manufacturer in search of a 32" Clary Blade, General Saw can engineer the ideal saw blade to meet your specific job requirements. We manufacture a complete selection of economy-line and industrial quality woodworking saw blades to meet the demands of both industry giants and the guy next door.

    In our Woodworking Catalog you'll easy to understand diagrams, charts and product tables, designed to help you easily find the right blade for your specific machine and cutting need. Within, you'll find a comprehensive selection of carbide-tipped saw blades, categorized by sawing style, and available in a multitude of blade US-size and metric-size diameters, tooth-count, grinds, and kerfs. If you require something special, General Saw can custom manufacture a circular saw blade to your exact specifications. With over 150 years of cumulative saw blade experience under our belts, General Saw can easily recommend a woodworking saw blade that is perfect for you and your application.

    Keep your General Saw blade cutting like new with our factory sharpening and repair service.

    (Print catalogs and pricing are available upon request.)