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Non-Ferrous Metal Catalog
Non-Ferrous Metal Catalog
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The General Saw precision cutting non-ferrous series of saw blades provide smooth, high-production cuts in aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, zinc, and other non-ferrous metals in sheet, extrusion or bar stock form. Engineered in both standard inch and metric sizes, these non-ferrous carbide tipped saw blades will fit most European and American designed saw machines.

The workhorse of our non-ferrous series is our "General Purpose-Safety Style" saw blade. With it's flat-top grind, this saw blade is engineered to eliminate blade damage in even the most abusive applications. These saw blades are very tough and safe to use. The specialized "controlled-chip" design makes it virtually impossible to over feed or grab, by limiting the amount of material cut by each tooth. The General Purpose-Safety Style saw blade is a good choice for cutting thicker material on a radial arm, miter or table saws.

Our fine tooth non-ferrous saw blade series are excellent blades for cutting light wall aluminum extrusions and tubes or thin sheet aluminum plates. These saw blades will cut any non-ferrous material cleanly, without damaging delicate profiles. These precision non-ferrous saw blades allow for the maxinum number of teeth to material and are well suited for cutting aluminum picture frames or window & door components.

Need to cut a more substantial non-ferrous profile or sheet? Try our courser tooth blade series, ideal for cutting heavy-walled aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubing or thicker, rolled, non-ferrous sheet, plate or billet.

And, when surface finish matters most, try our "Ultra-Smooth Finish Cut" saw blade for the smoothest surface quality possible. It's low angle bevel shears material, up to 6", for a mirror-like finish.

Whatever your requirements, General Saw has the right non-ferrous saw blade for your desired results.

(Note: General Saw recommends using a mist, or flood lubricating system, a liquid lubricant or wax bar lubricant when cutting non-ferrous metals to reduce wear or damage to the blade and finished product.)

Print catalogs and price lists are available upon request.