Carbide-tipped Saw Blades

general saw corporationGeneral Saw custom manufactures a wide range of industrial-quality carbide tipped circular saw blades, hoggers, groovers and dado sets for virtually every brand and style of saw machine. Choose from our selection of precision:

  • Rip Saw Blades
  • Panel Sizing Saw Blades & Scoring Saws
  • Vertical Panel Saw Blades
  • Sliding Table Saw Blades
  • Whirlwind Style Saw Blades
  • Cut Off Saw Blades
  • Veneer Saw Blades
  • Combination Saw Blades
  • Over Arm Saw Blades
  • Optimizing Chop Saw Blades
  • Miter & Miter Box Saw Blades
  • Truss Saw Blades
  • Component Saw Blades
  • Groovers
  • Dado Sets
  • Specialty Saw Blades for Plastics and Nonferrous Metals

Need a special bore, pin hole pattern, plate thickness, dimension or geometry? General Saw can custom manufacture any saw blade to your exact specifications.

The Cutting Edge Difference...

Each of our saw blades begin with a laser cut, steel body that has been heat-treated and hand tensioned to ensure perfect flatness, tight tolerances, and optimum tension. This process guarantees your saw blade will run smoother, cut quieter and wear better than other blades.

Tungsten carbide tips are brazed and fully ground on the top, face and side to achieve the highest surface quality finish available, conforming to an ISO surface grade of N-2. At each step of the manufacturing process, our saw blades are thoroughly inspected for precision and accuracy to ensure consistent, high-quality performance... We guarantee it.

  • High Quality, corrosion-free, Tungsten Carbide Tips
  • Heat Treated and and Hand Tensioned Saw Plates
  • Side, Top, and Face Grinding for Trueness
  • Sharpened Above 1200 Grit
  • Superior Customer Service and Technical Support

Carbide Cutting Tools

While we are primarily manufacturers of circular saw blades, we also offer a complete selection carbide cutting tools, such as: router bits, drill bits, boring bits, band saw blades, as well as cutting knives and blades.

Download one of our catalogs to get more information about our wide range of products. At General Saw we can help you minimize your time and maximize performance.

Quality, performance and customer satisfaction at the right price... We define "value".

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