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The General Saw Difference

If you aren’t using the best tools when you begin, you will never achieve the best results. A General Saw blade offers you unmatched value and quality with every cut. That's the General Saw Difference."

How do you measure "value"?
Is it by time saved... by money saved... or by peace of mind maintained? In the end, only a quality product will give you all three... a true value. At General Saw, we manufacture only the highest quality products, giving you an absolute value every time,
by saving you time, money, and peace of mind. How?

  • General Saw manufactures the sharpest saw blades available, so your cutting machines will cut smoother and run longer between blade changes or sharpening.

  • Every General Saw circular saw blades is hand-tensioned and quality inspected, giving you a saw blade that will run truer, cut straighter, and save you valuable time and material.

  • As the largest manufacturer of saw blades in the Southeast United States, General Saw offers you convenient and knowledgeable customer service, at a better price, than other manufacturers or distributors.

For nearly 80 years, General Saw has been doing one thing, making the sharpest cutting tools available...period. When every cut counts, then every cut should be with a General Saw blade.

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